10 Types of Guitar You Should Know

For music lovers, they are certainly no stranger to Idn Sports guitar musical instruments. The guitar is a stringed instrument that is played by picking it using fingers or the plectrum.

If you really are a guitar lover then you must understand the various types of guitars in the world. The guitar musical instrument is also a musical instrument with a very soft tone or voice so it is very accepted by most people.

The sound of the guitar that is issued also varies depending on the type of guitar. Therefore you have to understand first before learning and playing this guitar music tool. You can see the 10 types of guitars below:

Types of Guitar You Should Know

  • Acoustic Guitar

Talking about this one guitar, namely the acoustic guitar, that this guitar is divided into 2 types which have Steel-base strings and the classic one. The difference between the two types of guitar is that the classical guitar tends to be wider and relatively the same in size, but for acoustic guitars it can also be made in various sizes. For the sound itself, the acoustic guitar can be used for various types of music genres such as Jazz, Pop, Rock and so on. While the classical type can only be played with classical music or sound. How to use it is also different. The classical guitar can be played with the fingers, while an acoustic guitar must use a plektrrum because the strings are made of steel.

  • Electric Guitar

This type of electric guitar is usually played for rock, jazz, pop and even blues by using an amplifier which aims to get the loudness you want. This type of guitar when compared to an acoustic guitar certainly has a distinct difference. For the difference, you can see from the side of the strings, if you pay attention to the electric guitar strings are more likely to be thinner and heavier than the acoustic guitar. In terms of the sound that is produced, it is also coarser and louder, different from the acute guitar which makes a softer sound.

  • 12 String Guitar

Maybe most of the people who are not lovers of this guitar musical instrument have never heard of this 12 string guitar instrument. This type of guitar is different from the 6-string guitar model that you usually encounter every day. This guitar has 12 strings which are combined into one so that it looks like a regular guitar or a 6-string guitar. The 12-string guitar has the ability to produce a cleaner, clearer and clearer sound. For how to play it is also more difficult because if not the sound will definitely be fake.

  • Archtop Guitar

This guitar is a type of guitar with a semi-hollow body and steel string which is generally very popular with jazz musicians. Almost all over the world jazz musicians use this type of guitar. This guitar also looks like an acoustic guitar at first glance, for the difference, namely the archtop has a top body made of maple, while the electric acoustic guitar but with a softer touch. In essence, this type of guitar is very suitable to be played with jazz genre songs.

  • Steel Guitar

This guitar is a guitar originating from Hawaii. This guitar is different from the electric guitar because of its weight too. This guitar has a pedal that is played horizontally on the lap. For example, the left foot presses the instrument on the pedal while the right foot is used to adjust the pedal volume. Not only that, this guitar can also be used by placing it on the table but playing it not by pressing the strings on the finger fretboard but using a metal bar.

Know The Types Of Guitar

  • Guitar Resonator

This guitar can be said to be unique and different from other types of guitars. Why? Because this guitar has a sound hole that we usually find on a guitar of this type and you can’t find it on other types of guitar. This guitar is replaced by a circular disc which is also to hide the cone resonator. This cone functions as a loudspeaker to manipulate the sound to make it sound more grim. This type of guitar is very suitable and is most often used in country and blues genre music.

  • Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is a type of musical instrument that is different from the type of guitar, namely in terms of sound. The size is also thicker because this type of guitar is played to produce a lower tone than the usual guitar. This guitar is bigger and the neck is longer. This guitar can also be divided into two types, namely Electric Bass and Acoustic Bass.

  • Double Neck Guitar

Basically, there are 2 types of guitars that are made into one, namely the 6-string guitar with the 12-string guitar on the same body to function as a center resonator. This guitar is used by musicians who want to change notes but it is not possible to use only one guitar.

  • Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is a guitar that comes from Spain where this guitar was used to play conventional music with a classical background. The characteristic of this guitar is its shape which is made of wood and the strings are made of nylon yarn so that it can produce softer tones.

  • Flamenco Guitar

The difference between this type of guitar and a classical guitar is in the size of the fretboard. This guitar is wider than the classical guitar. This type of guitar is also widely used by musicians who often play notes of varying lengths.

Advantages Of Knowing The Type Of Guitar

The advantage is when you can play a guitar musical instrument, you will look very cool. Because not everyone can play or use a guitar musical instrument. So this advantage can be a special feature.

If you pay attention to the many types of guitar musical instruments that you usually see in everyday life. Those are the 10 types of guitars that you should know so that later your guitar playing knowledge will increase.

For each type of guitar, it is certain that how to play it will also be different, even in terms of sound it will also vary depending on the type of guitar.

Hopefully the little knowledge above can help you better understand the world of guitar. If you already understand the type of guitar then you can easily proceed to the stage of choosing the type of guitar to play the song. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.