5 Types Of Piano Musical Instruments

The piano is a musical instrument that is played by pressing black and white keys on this piano musical instrument. This musical instrument is also often a measure of the tones and intonations that are in a song.

Over time, this instrument is always experiencing development. This piano musical instrument can also be categorized into 2 types, namely acoustic piano and electronic piano. For acoustic pianos it uses strings that are struck by a hammer to make the sound, while for electronic pianos it uses a board to produce the sound or voice.

A Brief History Of Piano Musical Instruments

Approximately in the 1700s there was an artist from Italy, namely Bartolomeo Cristofori creating a musical instrument called the piano forte. At first he only worked as a harpsichord and clavichord instrument for a prince named Ferdinando De Medici, the son of the Duke of Tuscany.

The harpsichord’s fine strings should be made with a variety of tones or voices. Then he was able to design a mechanism that could transfer the pressure via a pressable device to sound the fine strings.

In its development, this Pianoforte has undergone many changes from being first discovered until now. There were around 400 factories – factories in Germany in 1894 many experts made piano instruments and were assisted by several trade experts.

The emergence of these factories made the piano musical instrument known to most people. In addition, the involvement of classical composers from Europe such as Beethoven, Bach, Schubert and Mozart with some of their works has made this instrument increasingly known to people today.

Even Bartolomeo Cristofori not only created a piano concept, but he created the forerunner of a musical instrument at the same time. Because the black and white keys musical instrument that he made with the term keyboard alias keyboard can be an interface in itself when the era has changed and electricity has entered the creation of musical instruments such as this piano.

Types of Pianos You Should Know

As you know for yourself, the development and changes of this piano instrument have been divided into several types. Even though how to play or play it is more or less the same and not far from pressing only black and white keys. Here are some of the types of pianos that are known throughout the world.

  • Grand Piano

This type of piano can be said to be the real type of piano and is included in the type of acoustic piano. The construction or basic material of a grand piano is wood which is durable and has 88 numbers of keys. This type of piano also has an acoustic box that is slept on with the rows that the hammer hits. This Grand Piano is also often used in an orchestra performance. The price of this type of piano can be categorized as expensive, ranging from tens to hundreds of millions. The installation process is also not made carelessly.

  • Upright Piano

If you look at it in terms of shape, it might be different from the type of grand piano right? However, the construction of this type is not much different from the piano as previously mentioned. This piano has a wooden construction and has 88 keys. However, it is the acoustic box and the strings that distinguish an upright piano from a grand piano. For an acoustic box with a stand model this means this piano looks slimmer and simpler.

  • Digital Piano

From the name alone, we can guess that this type of piano must be an electronic piano. However, this piano has the same tone as a normal acoustic piano. For the parts of the keys also have in common using the gradded-hammer type. So even though it’s a digital type, it doesn’t change the fact that the emphasis on the keys is still the same as an acoustic piano. The pressure is also quite heavy and is like tapping a hammer on the strings. If you are curious, you can try these pianos like the Roland RD-700 and RD 300. Or you can also play the Yamaha Clavinova series.

  • Keyboard

At first glance, this type of keyboard is very similar to the type of digital piano previously described. But it definitely has a little difference because the name is different. Try to pay attention to the keys, the keyboard doesn’t use a gradder hammer, but it uses a touch response model. Where the effect is like tapping a hammer that you cannot feel, the keys you press will be lighter. For the range of tones that are owned is also less, which is only 61 notes. However, the keyboard has the advantage of producing sounds from various types of musical instruments. There are also many variations of the keyboard rhythm so you can adjust it to the state of a song to be performed.

  • Organs

This type of piano tends to use chords, so the organ doesn’t have to bother thinking about the melody. Because the melody has become a part of the pianist’s life. Organs can be divided into 2 types, namely pipe organs (organ) and electronic organs (electone). The pipe organ has more than one row of keys and has a large number of analog buttons. While the electronic organ has a row of keys mostly 2 rows and a lot of pedalboards.

Those are some explanations of the types of pianos that you should know in the world of music. Especially for music artists, this is one of the things or can be called the basic knowledge that each musician must have.

Although a little we hope it can help you too, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you and thank you for stopping here and taking the time to read it.