10 Types of Guitar You Should Know

For music lovers, they are certainly no stranger to Idn Sports guitar musical instruments. The guitar is a stringed instrument that is played by picking it using fingers or the plectrum.

If you really are a guitar lover then you must understand the various types of guitars in the world. The guitar musical instrument is also a musical instrument with a very soft tone or voice so it is very accepted by most people.

The sound of the guitar that is issued also varies depending on the type of guitar. Therefore you have to understand first before learning and playing this guitar music tool. You can see the 10 types of guitars below:

Types of Guitar You Should Know

  • Acoustic Guitar

Talking about this one guitar, namely the acoustic guitar, that this guitar is divided into 2 types which have Steel-base strings and the classic one. The difference between the two types of guitar is that the classical guitar tends to be wider and relatively the same in size, but for acoustic guitars it can also be made in various sizes. For the sound itself, the acoustic guitar can be used for various types of music genres such as Jazz, Pop, Rock and so on. While the classical type can only be played with classical music or sound. How to use it is also different. The classical guitar can be played with the fingers, while an acoustic guitar must use a plektrrum because the strings are made of steel.

  • Electric Guitar

This type of electric guitar is usually played for rock, jazz, pop and even blues by using an amplifier which aims to get the loudness you want. This type of guitar when compared to an acoustic guitar certainly has a distinct difference. For the difference, you can see from the side of the strings, if you pay attention to the electric guitar strings are more likely to be thinner and heavier than the acoustic guitar. In terms of the sound that is produced, it is also coarser and louder, different from the acute guitar which makes a softer sound.

  • 12 String Guitar

Maybe most of the people who are not lovers of this guitar musical instrument have never heard of this 12 string guitar instrument. This type of guitar is different from the 6-string guitar model that you usually encounter every day. This guitar has 12 strings which are combined into one so that it looks like a regular guitar or a 6-string guitar. The 12-string guitar has the ability to produce a cleaner, clearer and clearer sound. For how to play it is also more difficult because if not the sound will definitely be fake.

  • Archtop Guitar

This guitar is a type of guitar with a semi-hollow body and steel string which is generally very popular with jazz musicians. Almost all over the world jazz musicians use this type of guitar. This guitar also looks like an acoustic guitar at first glance, for the difference, namely the archtop has a top body made of maple, while the electric acoustic guitar but with a softer touch. In essence, this type of guitar is very suitable to be played with jazz genre songs.

  • Steel Guitar

This guitar is a guitar originating from Hawaii. This guitar is different from the electric guitar because of its weight too. This guitar has a pedal that is played horizontally on the lap. For example, the left foot presses the instrument on the pedal while the right foot is used to adjust the pedal volume. Not only that, this guitar can also be used by placing it on the table but playing it not by pressing the strings on the finger fretboard but using a metal bar.

Know The Types Of Guitar

  • Guitar Resonator

This guitar can be said to be unique and different from other types of guitars. Why? Because this guitar has a sound hole that we usually find on a guitar of this type and you can’t find it on other types of guitar. This guitar is replaced by a circular disc which is also to hide the cone resonator. This cone functions as a loudspeaker to manipulate the sound to make it sound more grim. This type of guitar is very suitable and is most often used in country and blues genre music.

  • Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is a type of musical instrument that is different from the type of guitar, namely in terms of sound. The size is also thicker because this type of guitar is played to produce a lower tone than the usual guitar. This guitar is bigger and the neck is longer. This guitar can also be divided into two types, namely Electric Bass and Acoustic Bass.

  • Double Neck Guitar

Basically, there are 2 types of guitars that are made into one, namely the 6-string guitar with the 12-string guitar on the same body to function as a center resonator. This guitar is used by musicians who want to change notes but it is not possible to use only one guitar.

  • Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is a guitar that comes from Spain where this guitar was used to play conventional music with a classical background. The characteristic of this guitar is its shape which is made of wood and the strings are made of nylon yarn so that it can produce softer tones.

  • Flamenco Guitar

The difference between this type of guitar and a classical guitar is in the size of the fretboard. This guitar is wider than the classical guitar. This type of guitar is also widely used by musicians who often play notes of varying lengths.

Advantages Of Knowing The Type Of Guitar

The advantage is when you can play a guitar musical instrument, you will look very cool. Because not everyone can play or use a guitar musical instrument. So this advantage can be a special feature.

If you pay attention to the many types of guitar musical instruments that you usually see in everyday life. Those are the 10 types of guitars that you should know so that later your guitar playing knowledge will increase.

For each type of guitar, it is certain that how to play it will also be different, even in terms of sound it will also vary depending on the type of guitar.

Hopefully the little knowledge above can help you better understand the world of guitar. If you already understand the type of guitar then you can easily proceed to the stage of choosing the type of guitar to play the song. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.


5 Famous And Quality Acoustic Guitar Brands

The guitar is one of the most recognized musical instruments by people in this world. Because the guitar itself has a beautiful sound when playing this instrument. Guitar is also very suitable to be played with any music depending on the wishes of each of you. So it is not surprising that this guitar musical instrument is very famous throughout the world.

If you are new to the world of music, the first tool you will encounter is the guitar. In learning a musical instrument, it usually starts with the guitar, because this music is the most popular and easy enough to play using the strings on the strings on the guitar. For those of you who have high interest and want to be serious in the world of music, you should be able to choose a guitar brand that has quality and clear sound.

So, what are the most famous acoustic guitar brands with clear and quality sound? Take a peek at the recommendations below:

  • Ibanez

Ibanez is a quality guitar brand that originated in Japan and was owned by Hoshino Gakki in 1935. He decided to make an acoustic guitar in a Spanish style. At first the name or brand of this guitar was stretched to Ibanez Salvador in honor of Luthier from Spain, Salvador Ibanez.

It is estimated that there are about 100 acoustic guitar models available in this Ibanez brand. But the Ibanez acoustic guitar type recommendation is the Ibanez AEG10II, an electric acoustic guitar. This type of guitar has a bright and clear sound character but not too loud because the body is slimmer than other normal acoustic guitars.

Then there’s the Ibanez AC240 which is made of solid mahogany, while the fretboard, bridge and headstock are made of rosewood. The character of this type of guitar sound is very warm, detailed and clear and the price is also very affordable. But it’s still worth it if you look at it in terms of quality and the sound is very clear.

  • Fender

Fender is a guitar instrument and a manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers from the United States. In 1950 the company introduced the first mass-produced solid body electric guitar, the Telecaster. This guitar is used by many famous musicians such as Pete Anderson and Keith Richards.

The famous Fender electric acoustic guitar is the Fender T-Bucket 300CE type which has a natural, bright and vibrant sound character. Then there is also the Fender FA-235E Concert type whose voice character is clear, warm and good when in the treble.

Then the type that is suitable for those of you who are beginners is to use the Fender CD-60 type because this type is also relatively cheap. The price of this type is approximately 200 US dollars. The top of the guitar is made of solid pine and the sides and back are made of mahogany. The sound quality is not too good for playing live or when recording in the studio.

  • Yamaha

Have you ever heard of this brand? Or even heard it very often, huh? It’s no wonder this Yamaha musical instrument. Even Yamaha itself not only produces guitars, but it also produces this type of guitar-type musical instrument. So there’s no need to doubt the quality of this brand.

There are many choices that this brand has provided, ranging from guitars and nylon strings and strings to electric, acoustic and acoustic-electric. From the choices there are many, what about the advantages of this brand guitar.

For nylon guitars, you better choose the Yamaha C40 because the top material is made of solid pine and the neck is made of nato wood. Then the back and sides are made of Mahogany and the fingerboard is made of rosewood. This guitar produces deep tones that are loud and clear, even very suitable for use by beginners because the fretboard is smooth and easy to make transitions.

Not only that, there is also the acoustic-electric guitar Yamaha APX600 is also very popular among guitar lovers. This guitar has 5 color variants, namely natural, black, vintage white, old violin sunburst and oriental blue burst. This guitar has a sound character that tends to be bright, crisp with big volume and deep bass.

  • Gibson

The Gibson guitar is a guitar that was invented by Orville Gibson in 1902 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Initially Gibson only produced mandolins, but since 1930 Gibson started production of these guitars. Over time, this gibson guitar began to be produced by various companies, from Norlin Corporation to KKR and Co. Inc.

There are several recommendations for Gibson acoustic guitars, namely the Gibson SJ-100 Walnut. This guitar is not very suitable for fingerstyle players, but it is good for flatpicking players and strummers because the bass tends to be heavy.

In addition, there is also a Gibson J-45 which fits the criteria for a fingerstyle player. This is because this guitar has a long sustain and harmonic response. The bass and treble are quite balanced and comfortable to play.

  • Tanglewood

This type of guitar was found in London, England in 1988. In terms of its young age, Tanglewood is not playing around in providing quality guitars and has been sold in 40 countries around the world. One of the most popular types of guitar is Tanglewood TWCR OE because it has a unique sound and is suitable for playing with the country, crossroads and blues genres. The back and sides are made of mahogany, while the fingerboard and bridge are made of techwood.

So, those are the 5 most popular and famous acoustic guitar brands in the world. With all the pluses and minuses, which guitar suits you the most?


Types Of Modern Wind Instruments

Maybe among you lovers of the world of music, you are certainly not surprised by the word wind instrument. Of the many types of modern wind instruments, there may be some that you don’t know. Or you haven’t even seen it in person.

But here we will only discuss a few, most of you must only know about trumpet, saxophone or flute instruments. There are still many types of modern wind instruments that are very unique and fun to play and have a very charming sound.

Usually this type of wind instrument is often played in conjunction with an orchestra and when playing other classical music. Of the many types of musical instruments, this type of wind is often collaborated with various types of music genres in the world.

The most popular modern wind instruments

For those of you who like and want to enter the world of music by using wind instruments, then you must know the various types of these wind instruments. So that you can decide what kind of wind instrument you want to play.

  • Clarinet

Clarinet is a wind instrument that comes from the Woodwind family, while the name of the instrument is taken from Italian, namely Clarino which means trumpet with the addition of the end of the sentence, namely “et” which has a small meaning or meaning. This clarinet is a musical instrument that is not much like a saxophone because of the way it is played using only one reed.

  • Oboe

Oboe is a wind instrument that has a double reed woodwin type. It is also a musical instrument that comes from the Shawm lineage. The meaning of the word obo is derived from French Hautbois which means High Wood. This wind instrument Obo is sometimes still referred to as hautboy in English. A musician who plays the Obo musical instrument is usually also called Obois.

When compared with other woodwind tools, this obo wind instrument has a clear and shrill sound. The sound of the obo can be heard clearly in a large ensemble so that the sound can be easily heard while tuning.

  • Saxophone

The saxophone is also a musical instrument in the woowind family. The saxophone is a wind instrument made of metal. The saxophone is also associated with popular music, big bands and other jazz music. In the past, this instrument was used in orchestras and military banks. However, this saxophone wind instrument is also divided into three types, namely the Curvded Bnell Soprano Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone and Alto Saxophone.

  • Flute

The flute has various types of soft sound characters and can be combined with other musical instruments well. The flute is also a musical instrument from the woodwind family. This flute wind instrument is often used by professionals and is made of milk, gold or a combination of the two. Meanwhile, student flutes are generally made of nickel-silver and metal coated with silver.

  • Trumpet

Trumpet is a wind instrument made of metal. The Trumpet sits high up between the tuba, euphonium, trombone, ceiling sauce, french horn, and baritone. Trumpet on the pitch at bb. This trumpet instrument has only three buttons or holes and the trumpet player has to adjust the embouchure to get different notes.

The most common type is the Bb trumpet, but the C, D, Eb, E, F, G and A trumpets can also be found. Trumpet C is most commonly used in American orchestras, with its smaller shape providing a brighter, more vibrant sound compared to the Bb trumpet.

  • Trombone

The trombone generally produces a sound that is vibrated using the lips. The word Trombone is taken from the Italian language tromba. So in large part the Italian language means big trumpet, if you look at it in terms of size, indeed this trombone wind instrument is bigger than the trumpet basically. For people who play this wind instrument, it is usually called the Trombone

Those were some types of modern wind instruments that might attract your attention to buy and start learning to play them. Happy trying it.

Maybe there are many more wind instruments that you can find in this world. So this article only discusses a few of the wind instruments. The explanation above is a type of modern wind instrument that is more widely known by people in this world.


Kinds Of Modern Musical Instruments In The World

This article is perfect for all of you, especially music lovers. Having an interest in the art of music is definitely the first thing you will learn, namely by knowing the kinds of musical instruments from traditional to modern musical instruments.

Each of you must know only a few of these modern musical instruments, right? But basically there are so many musical instruments in this world. Moreover, coupled with the development of technology, it does not rule out that musical instruments will also be developed with different models.

The following are the kinds of modern musical instruments that are summarized from the best and most trusted sources.

  • Violin

The violin is a modern musical instrument originating from Central Asia and has the same shape as the basic guitar. But how to play it that distinguishes this, namely by rubbing it using a long wood that is given strings.

  • Cello

Have you ever seen this modern musical instrument called the Cello? Maybe you think this instrument is a musical instrument called the violin. Basically they have similarities in terms of form and how to play them. But the sound that is produced is what distinguishes the cello from the bioala. From how to play it is also the same as the violin.

  • Electric Guitar

The guitar is a musical instrument that is most widely known and played by all people who have an interest in the world of music. However, this electric guitar musical instrument is a guitar that is unique in terms of its sound that is more frightening or louder because it uses electricity.

  • Drums

Then there is the drum instrument where this instrument is very popular and is suitable for playing along with songs with metal and rock genres. This one musical instrument comes from China. The drum is an arrangement of percussion instruments by beating it so that it will produce various kinds of sounds or sounds so that it can create a pleasant sound to hear.

  • Harp

The harp is a musical instrument that is played by picking it. This musical instrument is a musical instrument that originated from Egypt. Playing this instrument sometimes makes it easier for the players to feel tired because of its unique shape.

  • Harmonica

The harmonica is a modern musical instrument that is long and has holes in each part. This instrument if you look at it will be like a flute. How to play this one musical instrument is like a flute, that is, by blowing it then there are several holes that we have to press so that it can produce these tones. This musical instrument comes from China.

  • Keyboard

The keyboard is a musical instrument with a shape similar to a piano, there is no doubt that this keyboard musical instrument is the simplicity of a piano musical instrument. The way to play it is also the same, namely by pressing the white and black keys so that they can produce very unique sounds and tones.

  • Sax

If you notice this instrument is similar to a trumpet. but this saxophone instrument has a curve that directs the sound results upwards. The saxophone is made of metal. To play this instrument requires strong power. This saxophone musical instrument is played a lot in jazz genre songs.

  • Tamborin

Tamborin is a modern type of musical instrument that is played by shaking it, consisting of several metal pieces that will make this instrument produce a unique sound or sound.

  • Zither

The zither is a type of musical instrument originating from South Asia. This musical instrument is called the sitar because of its shape which is similar to the shape of a guitar musical instrument. So you don’t need to be surprised how to play this one musical instrument. In terms of form, it seems that this instrument is played by picking it.

  • Ukulele

The ukulele is a musical instrument originating from Hawaii and has the same shape as a guitar, but in terms of size, the ukulele is smaller. The sound or sound that comes out of the ukulele itself is lighter so that it is very easy for people to accept.

So, those are some explanations about the kinds of modern musical instruments in this world. If you are a music lover then you must know the various kinds of musical instruments that you can play.

There are many more modern musical instruments that you can find in various sources or references. Moreover, you have friends or family who are musicians. Then it is no longer a secret for you.


5 Types Of Piano Musical Instruments

The piano is a musical instrument that is played by pressing black and white keys on this piano musical instrument. This musical instrument is also often a measure of the tones and intonations that are in a song.

Over time, this instrument is always experiencing development. This piano musical instrument can also be categorized into 2 types, namely acoustic piano and electronic piano. For acoustic pianos it uses strings that are struck by a hammer to make the sound, while for electronic pianos it uses a board to produce the sound or voice.

A Brief History Of Piano Musical Instruments

Approximately in the 1700s there was an artist from Italy, namely Bartolomeo Cristofori creating a musical instrument called the piano forte. At first he only worked as a harpsichord and clavichord instrument for a prince named Ferdinando De Medici, the son of the Duke of Tuscany.

The harpsichord’s fine strings should be made with a variety of tones or voices. Then he was able to design a mechanism that could transfer the pressure via a pressable device to sound the fine strings.

In its development, this Pianoforte has undergone many changes from being first discovered until now. There were around 400 factories – factories in Germany in 1894 many experts made piano instruments and were assisted by several trade experts.

The emergence of these factories made the piano musical instrument known to most people. In addition, the involvement of classical composers from Europe such as Beethoven, Bach, Schubert and Mozart with some of their works has made this instrument increasingly known to people today.

Even Bartolomeo Cristofori not only created a piano concept, but he created the forerunner of a musical instrument at the same time. Because the black and white keys musical instrument that he made with the term keyboard alias keyboard can be an interface in itself when the era has changed and electricity has entered the creation of musical instruments such as this piano.

Types of Pianos You Should Know

As you know for yourself, the development and changes of this piano instrument have been divided into several types. Even though how to play or play it is more or less the same and not far from pressing only black and white keys. Here are some of the types of pianos that are known throughout the world.

  • Grand Piano

This type of piano can be said to be the real type of piano and is included in the type of acoustic piano. The construction or basic material of a grand piano is wood which is durable and has 88 numbers of keys. This type of piano also has an acoustic box that is slept on with the rows that the hammer hits. This Grand Piano is also often used in an orchestra performance. The price of this type of piano can be categorized as expensive, ranging from tens to hundreds of millions. The installation process is also not made carelessly.

  • Upright Piano

If you look at it in terms of shape, it might be different from the type of grand piano right? However, the construction of this type is not much different from the piano as previously mentioned. This piano has a wooden construction and has 88 keys. However, it is the acoustic box and the strings that distinguish an upright piano from a grand piano. For an acoustic box with a stand model this means this piano looks slimmer and simpler.

  • Digital Piano

From the name alone, we can guess that this type of piano must be an electronic piano. However, this piano has the same tone as a normal acoustic piano. For the parts of the keys also have in common using the gradded-hammer type. So even though it’s a digital type, it doesn’t change the fact that the emphasis on the keys is still the same as an acoustic piano. The pressure is also quite heavy and is like tapping a hammer on the strings. If you are curious, you can try these pianos like the Roland RD-700 and RD 300. Or you can also play the Yamaha Clavinova series.

  • Keyboard

At first glance, this type of keyboard is very similar to the type of digital piano previously described. But it definitely has a little difference because the name is different. Try to pay attention to the keys, the keyboard doesn’t use a gradder hammer, but it uses a touch response model. Where the effect is like tapping a hammer that you cannot feel, the keys you press will be lighter. For the range of tones that are owned is also less, which is only 61 notes. However, the keyboard has the advantage of producing sounds from various types of musical instruments. There are also many variations of the keyboard rhythm so you can adjust it to the state of a song to be performed.

  • Organs

This type of piano tends to use chords, so the organ doesn’t have to bother thinking about the melody. Because the melody has become a part of the pianist’s life. Organs can be divided into 2 types, namely pipe organs (organ) and electronic organs (electone). The pipe organ has more than one row of keys and has a large number of analog buttons. While the electronic organ has a row of keys mostly 2 rows and a lot of pedalboards.

Those are some explanations of the types of pianos that you should know in the world of music. Especially for music artists, this is one of the things or can be called the basic knowledge that each musician must have.

Although a little we hope it can help you too, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you and thank you for stopping here and taking the time to read it.


Know The Structure Of Drum

Before playing a drum-type musical instrument, of course you will start from understanding the structure or parts of the drum right? Now this is the same as if a newborn man, of course, cannot immediately walk but must have a process.

So if you want to get into the world of drums you have to master or understand the parts of the drums to make it easier for you to learn to play your drums.

There is nothing wrong if you look for references before playing. You can find references in various places. It depends on your own will. The easiest way is to find someone who understands playing the drums so that your learning process will be easier.

The Structure Of Drum

Here is the structure or part of the drum:

  • Snare Drums

Snare is the most important element of all drum set units. The snare is the essential part of the beat in this drum musical instrument game. Various variations and sizes for the snare drum, from 10 to 15 that will affect the sound of the drum. One important part of the snare is the wire / stainer (looks like a gas pedal) under the snare. If the upper side of the snare is hit, the stainer that is closed at the bottom of the snare will interact to produce a loud sound.

  • Bass Drums

Besides the snare which has an important function, the Bass drum part also has an equally important role. This section has the function of determining the beat in the drum game that you will play later. In a drum set layout, the Bass drum is generally located at the bottom. To sound the part using the pedal at the bottom of the drum. To play it usually also uses the right foot. But there is also a type of double pedal that can be played with two feet at the same time in one part of the bass drum so that the sound created will produce a double bass sound.

  • Tom Tom’s part

For this one part is the part that is usually called Tom Tom. This part is a kit in the drum set. This section is also useful for drummers to be more flexible to play various variations. Early appearance in the decade of the 30s, this tom tom part could not be tuned like today. Hence the large variety of tom toms of various sizes and materials of manufacture. For this part of the tom tom, he usually uses a manufacturing material from maple or birch wood.

  • Cymbal Parts

The cymbal is a percussion instrument that is shaped like a wide plate which is generally made of bronze. Cymbals also come in several sizes, the larger the size, the lower the size. Currently, cymbals are very customary in drum sets and have a variety of sizes that will affect the sound of this drum instrument.

  • Hi – Hat

Hi – Hat is two cymbal plates of the same size which are joined into one piece. Hi – hat acts as a measure to adjust the tempo in the playing of this drum type musical instrument. The sizes also vary from 10, 13, 14, and 15.

  • Ride Cymbal

The Ride Cymbal has the same role as the Hi – Hat as an accompaniment or rhythm. Ride cymbals range in size from 18 to 26 and are usually located to the right of the drum. In this drum set unit there is usually one ride cymbal. However, 2 pieces of ride cymbals are usually used when playing metal music.

  • Crash Cymbals

This section acts as a variety of sounds in drumming. Usually crash cymbals are played at certain moments. As in the fall – in. Crash cymbals have a variety of sizes ranging from 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22. For this plate itself is thinner than the ride cymbal. Types of crash cymbals include: dark crash, power crash, light crash, medium crash, thin crash, ride crash, and flat crash.

  • Splash Cymbals

The splash cymbal has a function similar to that of the crash cymbal, which both acts as a sound variation or as an accompaniment to the playing of this drum type instrument. However, the splash cymbal is smaller than the crash cymbal. Starting from 6, 8, 10 and 12. For Splash, this cymbal is usually located at the top of the small tom tom.

  • Chinese Cymbals

In terms of name alone is unique right? So this section has an influence on the playing of songs or types of Chinese music. The role of the Chinese cymbal is the same as the others. The size of the Chinese cymbal is also different from other types of cymbals. Even more unique, this chinese cymbal is placed or upside down.

  • Bell Cymbals

For the bell cymbal, this is the same as for the splash cymbal, but the bell cymbal has a thicker plate.

  • Sizzle Cymbals

This drum part has its own uniqueness, which is that the cymbal is usually added with a rivet, chain or rattle to modify the sound that will be released. For the added dry, it usually has a position on the edge of the cymbal so that it can make a hissing sound when it is played.

The drum is also a musical instrument that has an important role compared to other types of musical instruments. Without drums, a song that is played will have less taste if we hear it.

If there is a drum sound then a song will look perfect. Therefore drums also have an important role in a song. What kind of metal music, can you imagine if there were no drums? Then the metal song will not sound dashing, it will be the opposite.

As explained above, so before playing a drum you must know the parts of the drum. That way you will not be confused right. Hopefully the explanation like the one above can help even a little. thanks.