Know The Structure Of Drum

Before playing a drum-type musical instrument, of course you will start from understanding the structure or parts of the drum right? Now this is the same as if a newborn man, of course, cannot immediately walk but must have a process.

So if you want to get into the world of drums you have to master or understand the parts of the drums to make it easier for you to learn to play your drums.

There is nothing wrong if you look for references before playing. You can find references in various places. It depends on your own will. The easiest way is to find someone who understands playing the drums so that your learning process will be easier.

The Structure Of Drum

Here is the structure or part of the drum:

  • Snare Drums

Snare is the most important element of all drum set units. The snare is the essential part of the beat in this drum musical instrument game. Various variations and sizes for the snare drum, from 10 to 15 that will affect the sound of the drum. One important part of the snare is the wire / stainer (looks like a gas pedal) under the snare. If the upper side of the snare is hit, the stainer that is closed at the bottom of the snare will interact to produce a loud sound.

  • Bass Drums

Besides the snare which has an important function, the Bass drum part also has an equally important role. This section has the function of determining the beat in the drum game that you will play later. In a drum set layout, the Bass drum is generally located at the bottom. To sound the part using the pedal at the bottom of the drum. To play it usually also uses the right foot. But there is also a type of double pedal that can be played with two feet at the same time in one part of the bass drum so that the sound created will produce a double bass sound.

  • Tom Tom’s part

For this one part is the part that is usually called Tom Tom. This part is a kit in the drum set. This section is also useful for drummers to be more flexible to play various variations. Early appearance in the decade of the 30s, this tom tom part could not be tuned like today. Hence the large variety of tom toms of various sizes and materials of manufacture. For this part of the tom tom, he usually uses a manufacturing material from maple or birch wood.

  • Cymbal Parts

The cymbal is a percussion instrument that is shaped like a wide plate which is generally made of bronze. Cymbals also come in several sizes, the larger the size, the lower the size. Currently, cymbals are very customary in drum sets and have a variety of sizes that will affect the sound of this drum instrument.

  • Hi – Hat

Hi – Hat is two cymbal plates of the same size which are joined into one piece. Hi – hat acts as a measure to adjust the tempo in the playing of this drum type musical instrument. The sizes also vary from 10, 13, 14, and 15.

  • Ride Cymbal

The Ride Cymbal has the same role as the Hi – Hat as an accompaniment or rhythm. Ride cymbals range in size from 18 to 26 and are usually located to the right of the drum. In this drum set unit there is usually one ride cymbal. However, 2 pieces of ride cymbals are usually used when playing metal music.

  • Crash Cymbals

This section acts as a variety of sounds in drumming. Usually crash cymbals are played at certain moments. As in the fall – in. Crash cymbals have a variety of sizes ranging from 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22. For this plate itself is thinner than the ride cymbal. Types of crash cymbals include: dark crash, power crash, light crash, medium crash, thin crash, ride crash, and flat crash.

  • Splash Cymbals

The splash cymbal has a function similar to that of the crash cymbal, which both acts as a sound variation or as an accompaniment to the playing of this drum type instrument. However, the splash cymbal is smaller than the crash cymbal. Starting from 6, 8, 10 and 12. For Splash, this cymbal is usually located at the top of the small tom tom.

  • Chinese Cymbals

In terms of name alone is unique right? So this section has an influence on the playing of songs or types of Chinese music. The role of the Chinese cymbal is the same as the others. The size of the Chinese cymbal is also different from other types of cymbals. Even more unique, this chinese cymbal is placed or upside down.

  • Bell Cymbals

For the bell cymbal, this is the same as for the splash cymbal, but the bell cymbal has a thicker plate.

  • Sizzle Cymbals

This drum part has its own uniqueness, which is that the cymbal is usually added with a rivet, chain or rattle to modify the sound that will be released. For the added dry, it usually has a position on the edge of the cymbal so that it can make a hissing sound when it is played.

The drum is also a musical instrument that has an important role compared to other types of musical instruments. Without drums, a song that is played will have less taste if we hear it.

If there is a drum sound then a song will look perfect. Therefore drums also have an important role in a song. What kind of metal music, can you imagine if there were no drums? Then the metal song will not sound dashing, it will be the opposite.

As explained above, so before playing a drum you must know the parts of the drum. That way you will not be confused right. Hopefully the explanation like the one above can help even a little. thanks.