Types Of Modern Wind Instruments

Maybe among you lovers of the world of music, you are certainly not surprised by the word wind instrument. Of the many types of modern wind instruments, there may be some that you don’t know. Or you haven’t even seen it in person.

But here we will only discuss a few, most of you must only know about trumpet, saxophone or flute instruments. There are still many types of modern wind instruments that are very unique and fun to play and have a very charming sound.

Usually this type of wind instrument is often played in conjunction with an orchestra and when playing other classical music. Of the many types of musical instruments, this type of wind is often collaborated with various types of music genres in the world.

The most popular modern wind instruments

For those of you who like and want to enter the world of music by using wind instruments, then you must know the various types of these wind instruments. So that you can decide what kind of wind instrument you want to play.

  • Clarinet

Clarinet is a wind instrument that comes from the Woodwind family, while the name of the instrument is taken from Italian, namely Clarino which means trumpet with the addition of the end of the sentence, namely “et” which has a small meaning or meaning. This clarinet is a musical instrument that is not much like a saxophone because of the way it is played using only one reed.

  • Oboe

Oboe is a wind instrument that has a double reed woodwin type. It is also a musical instrument that comes from the Shawm lineage. The meaning of the word obo is derived from French Hautbois which means High Wood. This wind instrument Obo is sometimes still referred to as hautboy in English. A musician who plays the Obo musical instrument is usually also called Obois.

When compared with other woodwind tools, this obo wind instrument has a clear and shrill sound. The sound of the obo can be heard clearly in a large ensemble so that the sound can be easily heard while tuning.

  • Saxophone

The saxophone is also a musical instrument in the woowind family. The saxophone is a wind instrument made of metal. The saxophone is also associated with popular music, big bands and other jazz music. In the past, this instrument was used in orchestras and military banks. However, this saxophone wind instrument is also divided into three types, namely the Curvded Bnell Soprano Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone and Alto Saxophone.

  • Flute

The flute has various types of soft sound characters and can be combined with other musical instruments well. The flute is also a musical instrument from the woodwind family. This flute wind instrument is often used by professionals and is made of milk, gold or a combination of the two. Meanwhile, student flutes are generally made of nickel-silver and metal coated with silver.

  • Trumpet

Trumpet is a wind instrument made of metal. The Trumpet sits high up between the tuba, euphonium, trombone, ceiling sauce, french horn, and baritone. Trumpet on the pitch at bb. This trumpet instrument has only three buttons or holes and the trumpet player has to adjust the embouchure to get different notes.

The most common type is the Bb trumpet, but the C, D, Eb, E, F, G and A trumpets can also be found. Trumpet C is most commonly used in American orchestras, with its smaller shape providing a brighter, more vibrant sound compared to the Bb trumpet.

  • Trombone

The trombone generally produces a sound that is vibrated using the lips. The word Trombone is taken from the Italian language tromba. So in large part the Italian language means big trumpet, if you look at it in terms of size, indeed this trombone wind instrument is bigger than the trumpet basically. For people who play this wind instrument, it is usually called the Trombone

Those were some types of modern wind instruments that might attract your attention to buy and start learning to play them. Happy trying it.

Maybe there are many more wind instruments that you can find in this world. So this article only discusses a few of the wind instruments. The explanation above is a type of modern wind instrument that is more widely known by people in this world.